Know Your Weed:

Indica and sativa are both strains of the cannabis weed, commonly referred to as marijuana.  The difference between the two lies not only within its plant structure, but also its chemical properties as well.  The sativa plant grows thinner, taller, and its leaves have a smaller span. Sativa plants can grow remarkably tall, some even reaching a soaring height of up to twenty feet. This type of cannabis typically takes between ten to sixteen weeks until it fully matures. Sativas are known to give off a far more pungent aroma than that of an indica, but yields significantly less flowers per plant. When smoking a sativa, the high is very cerebral. You get a rush of energy and a buzz in the body, a great way of getting work done without being sucked into your couch. The sativa high is thought of as being uplifting and optimistic. It is also said that since sativas contain a very high THC content, they are best for dealing with certain pain symptoms. 

The indica variety is a short plant that typically does not reach over eight feet in height. Its marijuana leaves are usually dark green and have short, wide fingers. Upon maturity, one would expect short branches, laden with thick and dense marijuana buds that mature about four weeks earlier than sativa buds. Indica strains are known to give off a stinky smell. Its smoke is very thick, which could catch the novice smoker off guard and induce fits of coughing. The indica strains possess a relaxing body high that allows the user to gain a sense of his or her environment, rather than deep thought or analysis of the experience. Indicas are great for relaxation purposes, stress relief, and for an overall sense of serenity and tranquility.